Your Surrounding Reflects Your State of Mind

What's a positive word or phrase that your family and friends mostly say about you? There's got to be one! Well mine is "you're so organized". That's not all the time, by the way (hence the adverb "mostly"). Nevertheless, I'm grateful and I accept it as one of my natural gifts. Surely, my family benefits from the point that my daughter called me her "secretary" a few times :) "Your surrounding reflects your state of mind." Whether you agree with it or not, this is a profound statement for me. All I need to do is take a big picture snapshot of my desk and bring more awareness to how my space is making me's enough to tell me what state my mind is in. Whenever I find my mind in a state of clutter, my surrounding reflects it, and so I do dedicate some time to reorganize my space. I do it not because I should, but because I want to feel good inside. That's what I'm really going for. To feel good is the ultimate goal! Who wouldn't want that? When I was in the Philippines last year to complete my credentialing training hours for International Coach Federation (Manila Cohort), one of the discussions we had was whether we had clutter in our homes. When it was my turn to answer the question, I felt confident enough to say "No, I don't have clutter in our home". But then on a second thought, I do have "email clutter"! I confessed that I had more than ten email addresses and that I have information clutter (LOL!). I promised to delete some of the accounts and so I did. I have to admit, clearing my inbox regularly is so therapeutic! I'll save the analysis paralysis part for next time. If you ever want to sharpen your decision making skills and self management - try clearing your inbox, set a time limit and stick to your intention. It's a great mindful practice ;) What space in your surrounding is reflecting a state of clutter? Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to feel good inside, what then are you waiting for to start decluttering?

A photo I took at Lee Canyon, Las Vegas when my friend and I
drove up for some snowplay time (January 2017)
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