Hi, I'm Cherry Reyes!

"In every moment and in every thing...there is meaning." Welcome to the home of #TTFTD vignettes! Where mindfulness meets my space for inspiration and creativity. These are my captured moments and teachable thoughts. Be inspired!

All I Want Is For You To Listen
Your Surrounding Reflects Your State of Mind
Words of Encouragement Has No Age Limit
Barrier #2: "Lack of Friendship"
Why Life Curves Keep Showing Up
Creativity Needs Space
To Evolve Is Our Nature
The Ripples You Are Creating
Your Inner Compass Will Tell You
Tune In Behind the Scenes
Curiosity Matters
We Are All Alchemists
Feelings: It's What We Remember
What Might Help You Gain Courage To Move Forward
What Do You Have That's Unique
One Key To Discovering More About Yourself
How To Get Away From Words...Our Own and Others?
How To Get Closer To Your Dream
How To Practice The Attitude of Gratitude
Where To Find Meaning
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